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Newport Cliff Walk Engagement: Natashia + Edwin


It was a beautiful Saturday evening, with a taste of summer still, and the gorgeous coastal views from Newport’s Cliff Walk. Natashia + Edwin decided to celebrate their engagement by the salty water, and beautiful streets of Newport, RI. The waves were crashing on them, but getting a little wet didn’t stop them from creating beautiful moments with me. 💍🌊✨🐚
Edwin and Natashia started their relationship by meeting one another through a mutual friend 4 years ago. Edwin couldn’t resist and had to know her  more. They remained great friends for a year before they made it “official.” Their first date was nothing like the typical first-date, where you get all dressed up, and try to look and act your best. It was spare of the moment, on a whim, and natural. But that’s how these two are, trying and doing new things at random moments. Soaking up the sun and laying on a beach is definitely one of their favorites.

The most beautiful part of their relationship was listening to the way they talked about Natashia’s son. It is evident the unconditional love Edwin has for him, and how sweet the bond they have developed over the past four years. They are the sweetest little family, who have grown and sacrificed so much to get where they are today.

It was very admirable to hear how these two were both in school for the majority of their relationship, pursuing their dream careers. They both received their Bachelors Degree this year!!! ✨🎓 Edwin received his Bachelors of Science Degree in Construction Management from Roger Williams University! Natashia received her Bachelors of Arts Degree in Psychology from Rhode Island College, and will be pursuing her Masters Degree.  Those are what I call #relationshipgoals. 😉 As hard as pursuing an education is and managing life, it is amazing to watch two people loving and supporting one another in their pursuit to grow.

Well I know June 7th, 2018 can’t come soon enough, as these two will be tying the knot and celebrated their love on a destination wedding in Punta Cana!!! I know everyone is super excited to share their love and see this soon to be, little family, officially become One.

So take a look at the future Mr. and Mrs. Montas, they are absolutely stunning. 😍

The big waves started rolling in.

Yup, and who doesn’t love getting splashed by them! haha

Come on guys, good-looking is an understatement!

ok, ok, so they got a little wet. 😜

Maybe the waves were getting a little too big! lol… I still love this shot.

And this one, so adorable!

We had too much fun running from these waves!

Natashia, you are absolutely STUNNING. I can’t handle it.

Such a beautiful site, walking up Newport’s 40 steps. So much history.

Seeing how Natashia and Edwin may have got a little wet, it was only right to let them change into their second outfit, so we could have a relaxing walk down Narragansett Ave, Newport.

Salve Regina‘s Campus had such beautiful trees. I feel in love!

Just look at them. Simply breathtaking.

They are too cute! I love the way Edwin looks at her.

I just adore these two, they are so perfect together.

On a side note…where can I get a tree like this for my backyard? lol. It’s gorgeous!

That ring…so beautiful.


There I always time for a little first-dance practice.

LOVE this!

We ended the evening by this gorgeous, gated mansion, guarded by two big white poodles. We definitely were grateful for the gate! 😜

I just love them, they are so sweet together.

The future Mr. and Mrs. Montas 😍!

THIS. This shot is life.

Natashia + Edwin, thank you, THANK YOU for such a fun evening!! I appreciate you both so much for trusting me to capture this sweet time in your lives. We had so many laughs and I’m so happy you both were down for getting a “little” wet on the rocks (haha). But those pics were definitely worth it!

It made me so happy hearing your love story and getting to know you both more. I pray you have a happy, unified, and blessed marriage. May you both continue to grow in unconditional love and deeper intimacy. And that no matter what, just remember, “what God has joined together, let no man separate.” Love you guys!

Much joy,

Charity HOPE

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