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Beavertail Lighthouse Anniversary: Jannie and Lavelay (7 Years)


It was a beautiful, windy evening on the coast of Jamestown, at Beavertail Lighthouse. The water was splashing against all of the beautiful rocks, as it made the most picturesque place to capture Jannie + Lavelay’s love. Every single detail was absolutely gorgeous, and I could not believe how stunning everything was.
Back in 2001, Jannie was living in New Jersey, but decided to visit her cousins who lived in R.I. Both, her cousins and Lavelay, went to Shea High School. It was through her cousins that she met Lavelay and the connection started. Through many visits and lots of communication, they ended up together and are in this thing called marriage, for forever.

Jannie + Lavelay have been married for 7 years on November 10th! They have 2 beautiful children together + very successful careers. I am so impressed + admire their hard work and dedication! They love to go out to eat to different restaurants and dancing together. To make sure their love stay’s fresh, they will always have date nights and continue to carve out time for just the two of them.

It was at one of those very special date nights out that a Providence Place Mall security guard caught them in an intimate moment (haha). They were a little embarrassed, but I feel the laugh is on the security guard. I really would have loved to see his facial expression! This whole scenario reminded me of a scene in a movie.

The biggest surprise they found in marriage was the fact that there is no “i” and “mine” in marriage. And that it is always “us and ours.” And I couldn’t agree more!

The most difficult part about marriage for them has been learning how to communicate and express feelings. They realized how important it is to share what you expect and need because unless you do, no one will really know what you will need. But don’t we all wish our spouse could read our mind?! I know I do!

Ironically the scripture that helps guide their marriage, is my favorite scripture, which transformed my life: Proverbs 3:5-6 “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways, acknowledge him and he will direct your path.” So powerful. That leads me to share that their marriage advice for soon to be married couples is, “to let God be the center of your marriage because with God, everything is possible!” 💕

Jannie, you are flawless! I can’t handle this.

I just adore these two.

In love with this bouquet from Franchesca’s Floral Design. 

Power couple.

That dress is so stunning!

I love this! So sweet.

These two. I just love moments when it feels like I’m not even there.

Behind the back hugs are THE BEST. 😍

Obsessed with these shoes.

Absolutely beautiful.

Looking handsome and so sharp!

This bouquet is so beautiful!

Jannie you are so stunning!!!

Lavelay looking at this beautiful wife. 💕

We were having too much fun!

In love with the pretty details!


Such a beautiful couple!!

Celebrating 7 years of love + happiness! We had them change into outfit number two, as they enjoyed the sunset together, champagne, and this beautiful cake from Lasalle Bakery.

I just love this! Look at them 🙂

In love with that dress on you Jannie!

Perfect timing. Just look at that sunset!

Jannie + Lavelay, thank you so much for letting me capture your love. You both were amazing + I could just sense the love, respect, and light-heartedness you both have towards one another. You are doing an amazing job as parents + lovers. I pray that this year you experience so much more success, peace, joy, + intimacy than ever before. I will continue to pray for your marriage and that God will keep guiding you both to becoming even more “as One.” May this season of 7 years truly make your hearts feel complete!

Much joy,

Charity HOPE

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