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Rustic Connecticut Wedding: Mallory and Kyle


It was a beautiful backyard, wedding in Lisbon, Connecticut, where Mallory and Kyle decided to share their vows of marriage to one another! They were surrounded by all of their close friends and loved ones, at Mallory’s aunt’s home and gorgeous property. Every detail was thought through and there were so many personal touches all throughout the property! The beautiful colors, rustic details, and funny moments were THE BEST!  There was no doubt how much they cared for the ones that surrounded them.

The day started off at Mallory’s mothers home, where she grew up! All of her bridesmaids were there getting their hair and makeup done. They all looked so cute in their matching robes! Mallory even got custom hangers for each of them with their names on it. What also was extra special about them getting ready here was the fact that when we were walking in the yard, I saw the tree that Kyle carved into when he asked Mallory to marry him!!! Such a sweet memory to always have and look back on.

The girls finished getting their dresses on at the wedding venue location, that we headed to next. The grounds were so beautiful! There were gorgeous trees everywhere, a pond, and sweet little dirt road. There were so many cute details where ever you walked! Mallory got into her beautiful gown upstairs in the loft, that overlooked the property. She did a very special first look with her father, where she also gave him his gift. Afterwards, Mallory and Kyle also did a first look and boy, was it hard not to cry!!! These two express their love and adoration for one another so openly, it is just beautiful. There is no way you cannot look at the pictures and see it!

They had such a fun and rowdy bridal party crew, but there was no doubt the love and respect they had for them! Everyone looked amazing too!!! There was so so much love for Mallory and Kyle! You could tell how much their friends and family were in favor of them officially becoming husband and wife. Who would have thought that these young kids, who knew one another back in middle school, would now, be bringing so many people together for THEIR WEDDING DAY?!?!

This was the tree where Kyle asked Mallory to marry him!

Then we left Mallory’s mothers home to head to the wedding venue location at her aunt’s home! Upstairs in the loft, she put on her wedding dress. The view was so beautiful as it overlooked the yard and the pond. It was absolutely beautiful everywhere we went!

Mallory’s sister and Maid of Honor, Courtney, was so helpful through out the entire day! She really loves her sister so much!!

And we all just stared and admired how beautiful she looked!!!

Simply breathtaking! You are GORGEOUS Mallory!!!


We first brought Mallory’s father to the barn so that they could do a first look together and this was absolutely PRECIOUS!

Then we tucked Mallory away so that we could get Kyle set up and he  looked  amazing  in  his  vest  and  floral  bow-tie!

It was time for their first look, so I turned Kyle around and got him in position to see his beautiful Bride!

The anticipation already brought so much emotion!

And that face!!! And yes, he LOVED the way she looked!

These were the absolute sweetest! Tears always come while looking at them together in these pictures.

Too sweet!!! #grabthetissues

These moments between them was my favorite part of the entire day! SO CUTE!!!

This little barn was so cute!!

Then we headed down by the water and around the beautiful grounds to capture their portraits! This day was unbelievable perfect.

The glowly light, the dirt road, and the pretty trees made for the BEST pictures of these two!

So beautiful!

Just stunning!

Just beautiful…

They are too sweet.

Mallory + Kyle, y’all are the sweetest together!!!

Then it was time to grab the ladies and of course there were many laughs like this through out the day!

Everyone looked so beautiful!

Mallory with her flower girl, and niece Callie. She was too cute!

These beautiful and fun group!!!! I loved them!

And you could tell how much they all loved Mallory and Kyle together!

Look how dapper the men look! All of their suspenders had their initials on them. I loved that!!

Then they had to have their huddle together!

And we celebrated down by the water what these two were about to go do!!!

So cute.

All of their close family members were there in loving support.

You see where Mallory gets her beautiful looks from! #hermama

We all headed back as these two were about to make it official!!!

The ceremony site was decorated so beautifully!

Mallory’s father drove her in his old, classic, Ford truck.

THIS. 😭✨💕

A beautiful prayer.

They exchanged rings, then it was time for the moment we all wait for!

Mr. and Mrs. Boulay!!!

Then everyone walked right over for  cocktail  hour  and  for the  reception  to  begin!

They decorated everything so beautifully!

Everyone stood at their seats for Mallory + Kyle’s first dance as Mr. and Mrs.!💕

They danced to “Beautiful Crazy,” by Luke Combs.

It was the SWEETEST!

The Big Green Truck provided everyone with the yummiest assortment of pizzas!!! They were SO good!

Mallory’s maid of Honor, Skyler, gave the first speech.

Then Kyle’s Best Man and brother, Sean, followed hers and what started out as a speech that made us laugh, quickly turned into a tear jerker. We all needed tissues!

Then Courtney, Mallory’s sister, and other Maid of Honor, gave the final speech. She made us all laugh and she shared some very sweet words about the couple!

And if you were there… you understand what actually just happened right before this moment!!! I’m still in shock! 😂😂😂

As the night was starting to get darker and we made sure to get some pictures of them on this special, old truck!

We still had the special dances of Mallory and her father, and Kyle with his mother.

Kyle and his beautiful mama sang their heart out as they danced to “Simple Man,” by Lynyrd Skynyrd.

It was too precious!!

I adore their bond together!!!

Then they had the beautiful couple come back out on the dance floor and had other couples join them.

Everyone came on the dance floor after that and were on it the rest of the night!!!

It was a good time!!!

Can we all just say #couplegoals!

Everyone danced the night away, mingled, drank, and had FUN! It was a good time!!! Such a great day!

Mallory and Kyle,

Thank you so much for allowing me to document your beautiful day!!! I hope it was everything you ever dreamed of (Mallory 😉 The way you all transformed your aunt’s property took so much thought, effort and work, but it was so worth it! Everything was amazing! I know everyone felt all of your love, care, and appreciation. You two love on others so well! I will be praying many blessings over your marriage!!! I hope you are still enjoying Cancun!!!!!

Much joy,

Charity HOPE

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