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Redeemer Lutheran Church Wedding: Tiffany and Jesse


Tiffany and Jesse vowed to commit their lives together, through the covenant of marriage last Saturday. June 8, will forever be a day that they will look back on and just smile! They were surrounded by all of their close friends and family members at the Redeemer Lutheran Church, in Lebanon, CT. The ceremony and reception was held there, with a beautiful field in the back where we were able to capture some beautiful portraits!

Jesse and Tiffany met in August of 2017, when Tiffany attended a Lighthouse church service, which happened to be Jesse’s father’s church. Jesse most certainly noticed her when she walked through the doors! He definitely was the type of guy that wasn’t looking for just any girl, but a beautiful woman, of God, who had a genuine heart for following Jesus, that could be his wife. They hit it off pretty quickly and on September 29th, 2017, they were on a date at the Mansfield drive-in, where Jesse got the courage to ask her to be his girlfriend! There was no hesitation in her mind. There of course was were lots of smiles, kisses, and of course, they continued to eat Twizzlers the rest of the night!!

Then on May 26, 2018, Jesse set up the sweetest proposal at Beavertail Lighthouse, in Jamestown, RI. It is one of my favorite places to photograph. He had a little table, that his grandmother built, with roses, and poem he wrote for her. Both of their parents were there as well, and it was such a sweet and beautiful proposal!!!

Jesse and Tiffany are unified together through their love for God and keeping Him at the foundation of their marriage. They both have servants hearts to live their lives to whatever the Lord calls them to do. Tiffany is gifted tremendously with the ability to teach children  with such  grace  and  patience, and Jesse with his ability to capture moments through video. I know  that  whatever  they  put   their  hearts  and minds  into,  God will bless them!

Their wedding day was a beautiful depiction of their precious union and all of the blessings that surround them!

Tiffany’s bridesmaids dresses were STUNNING!

Just beautiful!!! Those eyes Tiff!

Tiffany and her beautiful mother have the sweetest bond. There were so many tears! You can tell how close they are. 💕

They took a moment of silence, in prayer, re-centering themselves to what this day was all about.

So beautiful!

Tiffany and her girls gathered on the bed, talking about her and Jesse’s story!

Tiffany’s maid of honor helped button up her dress, and Jesse’s mother put on her necklace.

Tiffany’s mama put on her dress belt.

Absolutely beautiful!!

Absolutely stunning! You know where Tiffany gets her beautiful looks from!!

Then we headed to the church where the Ceremony and Reception was held!

Tiffany and her father did a precious, first look together! They exchanged notes and gifts to one another. This time was beyond precious and special to them because Tiffany’s father almost passed away last winter, due to a heart problem,  and he is a walking miracle! For him to be able to witness this day is EXTRA special and just a diving gift from above!

So precious!

So, so sweet!

He loved his pocket watch!

Jesse and Tiffany wanted to pray together before the ceremony, without Jesse being able to see her yet! So we went out on the deck and tucked Jesse behind the corner so he couldn’t see her. But boy, it was so emotional. Tears could not be held back!

Just beautiful!

We had Jesse head inside, then brought Tiffany and her parents back on the deck to pray together before the ceremony and it was such a sweet moment!

It was like peace just came over them, and the hustle and bustle of the day came to an end.

She undoubtedly is so loved!

Then it was time for the ceremony to begin!

Tiffany was escorted by both her father and mother, and Jesse’s reaction was priceless. 😭✨💕

Tiffany and Jesse both shared their personal vows for one another and it was the sweetest thing!

They did a sand ceremony has a physical representation of two lives becoming One. You will never be able to separate the different grains of sand. ✨

The ceremony ended with Jesse’s father and Tiffany’s grandmother praying over them both.



God for sure, was in this place!

I love how they literally ran down the aisle together! Pure JOY!!

Those sweet moments together right after you DID THE REAL THING! #putringsonit

Then we headed outside, on the most beautiful day, to take some portraits with all of their close loved ones!

Tiffany’s family!

Jesse’s family!

Tiffany and her beautiful ladies, looked AMAZING!

Absolutely beautiful! 💕

Obsessed with these colors!!!

Love the whole gang together!

These two are too sweet!

I adore them!



Then we headed inside to the reception!!! Tiffany and her ladies added so many beautiful DIY touches. They did such a great job!

I loved how they had a table honoring all of their loved ones in Heaven!

And a table of all of the generations of love and marriage that they came from.

Mr. and Mrs. LAVENDER!!!

The reception started with Jesse’s father leading them in communion together, followed by a foot washing.

Both are beautiful symbols of the sacrifice and example Jesus gives us to serve others, the way he laid down His life for us.

This definitely was very emotional…




Then it was time for the speeches by the Best Man and Maid of Honor!

Both did such a great job of making us laugh and really articulating the great qualities about them both!

Then Tiffany’s father shared some sweet memories and heartfelt words. It’s a miracle that he was even able to be apart of their wedding day, so there was no surprise that many tears were shed!

So beautiful…

Then it was her first dance with her daddy! Yes, more tissues were definitely needed!

So, so sweet! Father-daughter dances wreck me every. single. time.

Then Jesse danced with his beautiful mama!

Their first dance as Mr. and Mrs. 💕

So, so sweet!!!

Just beautiful!

Then they asked other couples to join them on the dance floor!

Ah! I just love these two! I’ve known John and Debbie since I was a little girl. 💖

Tiffany and Jesse,

Thank you soooo much for letting me document your amazing wedding day!!! There were so many emotional, sweet, and Holy spirit-led moments that were beautiful to witness. All of the personal touches and heartfelt words were just an outward expression of your hearts! Y’all are so genuine and sincere. Thank you for chosing me to document this precious, and holy day that you can forever look back on! So grateful for y’all and can’t wait to hear about your honeymoon! I hope y’all are living it up!!!!

Much joy,

Charity HOPE


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  1. Lisa Bernier says:

    Tiffany and Jess are a beautiful couple and you captured that perfectly! I love your Godly writing describing them, their family and their love! Amazing job!

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