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Ochre Court – Newport Engagement: Coretta and Derick


It was beautiful evening in Newport, Rhode Island capturing Coretta and Derick’s love. We strolled around Ochre Court Mansion, on the Salve Regina Campus, near the Newport Cliff Walk. Looking out across the ocean from the Cliff Walk (not this day because of the fog, haha), you can see where they will have their official, big wedding day at the Newport Beach House next year. These two are college sweat hearts who have been together for quite some time now! You can certainly tell they have been with one another for over 10+ years because of how comfortable and content they are around one another. They are down to earth, fun, and really driven people, who love to travel. They are technically married already in their Ghanian tradition, but are super excited to have their big wedding celebration next year!

Derick and Coretta are passionate about becoming successful, prospering in their careers, gaining more properties, and cultivating their family. They have two beautiful children together! Coretta just birthed her second born son, 9 months ago. Derick is currently employed as a police officer and Coretta is a Nurse Practitioner. Derick has always admired Coretta’s intelligence and of course, her beauty. They laughed as they each were explaining to me, each with a different story, of how they started dating. Either way, Derick approached her, it worked out well, and they are here, 13 years later, building a beautiful life together!

These two effortlessly killed their engagement session and I could not be more excited to share how stunning they looked together!!!

I mean, COME ON☺️, so beautiful!!!

Power couple. ✨

Love this!

Coretta, you are absolutely STUNNING!πŸ’•

WOW. 😍😍😍

Derick was bringing his game too!

Love them together. πŸ’•

Everyone kept telling Coretta that she looked like a princess and I’m here for it!!! New Disney princess is coming soon…


I just love them.


I LOVE some good black and whites. So beautiful!


And we of course ended the evening playing some music, as these two gave me a glimpse into the fun evening we will have at their wedding reception!

My favorite! 😍

Just love them so much!!!

Coretta and Derick,

Thank you so much for the fun and relaxing evening!Β  You absolutely KILLED it. You are so inspiring and I admire all of your hard work and success. Photographing y’all just made me that much more excited to capture y’all looking SO GOOD on your special day!!! I am so honored to be able to document your love and cannot wait to celebrate next year!!!

Much joy,

Charity HOPE

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  1. William Ahadzie says:

    Lovely couple and praying for them to be successful in all they doπŸ™πŸΏ

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