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Beavertail State Park Engagement: Dereck and Taylor


On Tuesday evening, Taylor and Dereck documented their season of engagement at the beautiful Beavertail State Park. It happened to be a place they have been before, where they enjoy storm watching together. Luckily it wasn’t a stormy day, nor a sunny day either, but the skies were gorgeous and it felt like it was just us at the Park. The waves kept crashing really big up against the rocks and it turned into such a relaxing evening. They both just have this light-hearted, calm demeanor, that made the evening feel so effortless and fun!

Dereck and Taylor met at a gym, where they both worked at. When Taylor initially met Dereck, she was just a member at the gym. Dereck came up to her to try to start a conversation, but she politely brushed him off and continued with her work out. When she started working there as a front desk associate, she started to like him. It took him a while to ask her out since they both started working for the same company. Sooner or later though, he asked her to lunch, so in between a staff meeting, they went to Cilantros for their first date! It was in March of 2014 when they officially started dating and have continued to make many memories together ever since. Their favorite date together is their summer nights at the drive in. They would sit in the bed of his truck with a bunch of blankets and takeout food, while watching a movie. They really love their dogs, relaxing, hiking and going on nature walks together. They are outdoorsy, animal lovers, introverts, foodies, love fitness, and  are family oriented.

In early August of 2018, there was a big family trip planned to go to Portugal, visiting the islands where Dereck’s parents grew up.  All of Dereck’s family; aunts, uncles, cousins, etc. came with. Because they all drove together and everyone was always together, there wasn’t much time for them to be alone. So one morning Dereck woke up extremely early and said “Tay, let’s go on a drive!” She almost refused because she wanted to go back to sleep, but she was really desiring for some alone time with him as well and ended up agreeing to go. They took the rental car up a mountain overlooking the beach, gardens, and farms. The view was beautiful and absolutely breathtaking. He set up his camera and told her that he wanted to take a picture of them with the gorgeous view in the background. He set the camera up and as she was looking at the waves crashing down at the beach, she remembered feeling so peaceful and thankful that she woke up early for this moment in time. After a few seconds just watching the waves, she hears Dereck say, “TAY,” and then she turned around. To her surprise, she saw Dereck on one knee, with a ring in his hand, asking, “Will you marry me?” Her heart was racing, tears flooded her eyes, and she immediately said, “yes!” and jumped in his arms. It turned out that the picture he said he was taking was actually an entire video so that it was all recorded on camera! It was one of the most memorable days in their lives that they wish they could live over and over again. Santa Maria Island will forever be a special place in their hearts.

Before they left for the vacation, Taylor ironically had a feeling that if he ever was going to propose it would be while they were on that trip. She told her entire family that she would love it if Dereck proposed on the vacation, but her parents didn’t really say much about it at all. She just felt so sure that it was going to happen and that they were ready to start this new chapter together. She was so sure that she even checked their entire apartment when they were packing to try to find a ring! Let’s just say she does a good job when it comes to spoiling a surprise. And of course in hindsight, she can see why her parents didn’t say much, having known about Dereck’s plan the whole time.

Taylor admires Dereck’s loyalty to her and to everyone he knows. He’s the type of guy that follows through with whatever he says he is going to do. Heis really hard-working and is the type of man that won’t stop until the job is done and it is done right. He is very supportive and respectful towards Taylor, and was a rock of support while she was in school. And on top of it all, she loves the fact that Dereck makes the best pizza, and he will research ways to perfect his pizza even more. He even is planning on making a brick oven outside just for pizza! Dereck manages health clubs and Taylor just finished her schooling as a physical therapist assistant. Besides Taylor’s natural beauty, Dereck admires how she has such a high emotional intelligence and IQ. He loves how Taylor has a sweet innocence to her and how she is so empathetic. They balance each other out perfectly and are both on the same page with their value for family, success, and helping others They are extremely excited to start a family and share the same last name!

Especially after having to postpone their 2020 wedding, they cannot wait for next summer where they can officially tie the knot! They are eagerly anticipating when they get to see each other walk down the aisle. And of course, they’re excited to dance the night away with their friends and family. What they are looking forward to most is at the end of their wedding night, when their  guests leave, and it’s just the two of them, with rings on their fingers, officially married!

They are so cute together!

Taylor, you are stunning!

So cute!!!

LOVE this.

Just breathtaking.

So beautiful.

Everything about this place is so gorgeous. Never gets old!

Love them.


Such a beautiful ring!

It was so beautiful watching the waves crash on the rocks.

Everything about this evening was perfect.

The waves kept crashing in and the sun was setting.

They perfect end to the night!

Taylor and Dereck,

Thank you so much for such a great evening together. I had so much fun with you two, it was such a joy! I honestly cannot wait for your wedding day and being able to meet your families. You two are such genuine, amazing people, I’m so glad your paths crossed, and how they have now crossed mine! Praying this engagement session just gets you excited all over again for your special day!!!

Much joy,

Charity HOPE

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