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Bill Miller’s Castle Wedding: Drew and Courtney


Sunday was such a beautiful, fun, and perfect autumn wedding, celebrating Courtney and Drew’s love and commitment to one another. The cozy castle, the autumn colors, and great weather gave off all of the fall wedding vibes. All of Courtney and her bridesmaids got ready in the unique, onsite, bridal suite, that led off to the deck, overlooking the ceremony grounds. The trees were all colorful and the grounds were beautiful. Drew and his groomsmen were getting ready down the hall. Courtney had a beautiful, loose braid that looked so gorgeous with some baby’s breath intertwined in it. The girls had a few moments out on the deck in their matching robes before it was time for them to get in their dresses. Courtney’s mama zipped up her beautiful gown, and just wow, there could not have been a more perfect dress for her! It looked so amazing and we all knew Drew was going to be in shock when he saw her.

Drew left his groomsmen and headed out onto the greenery, with his back turned, and waited for Courtney to tap him on the shoulder for their, “First Look.” And just like we thought, he never grinned so big! They held one another for a while and then Courtney gave him her special gift. She had a coin engraved with, “Always by your side,” with Drew’s father’s picture on the back of it. Oh the tears, it was such a special moment between them and such a thoughtful gift. They had their few moments alone together and then the rest of the crew joined them! Of course, everyone was secretly peeking out through the windows off of the deck, but they were so excited for them!

Their bridal party was filled with their close friends and some family. There were so many laughs and great moments together leading up to the beautiful ceremony. After many portraits were taken, Courtney went inside to be tucked away from the rest of the guests. Everyone started to fill up all of the seats and she headed down the aisle for the big moment. Courtney’s father met her at the stairs and they walked down together. She gave her mother a sweet kiss, right before being handed off to Drew. A good friend of theirs was the officiant, sharing beautifully their story, and leading them through their vows. They sealed the ceremony with a kiss and grinned up the aisle! They couldn’t wait to celebrate becoming Mr. and Mrs. with a glass of champagne waiting for them on the deck!

They got to mingle with all of their guests during cocktail hour, after a little more family portraits. The castle really had such a cozy ambiance and the appetizers were amazing! We snuck around to the courtyard for a few more portraits and moments of just the two of them alone before their introductions at the reception! All of their bridal party made sure to enter in doing something hilarious and entertaining. They went right into their First Dance together! It’s always that moment where time slows down a bit and everyone focuses on why they are there in the first place. They looked unbelievably sweet together. Then, Courtney danced with her father, followed by Drew danced with and his mother, and of course. The special dances always bring so many tears!

Their best men and women shared such heartfelt and funny speeches about them being so perfect together. There were so many moments where they could barely keep it together and tears eventually shed.  They enjoyed their dinner, cut into some yummy cake, and then it didn’t take long for many people, especially Courtney, to get onto the dance floor! Between the photo booth and many people dancing the night away, everyone had an amazing time! Courtney and Drew could not have been surrounded by such caring, supportive, and sweet people.  It was just a great reflection of who they are and the types of people they attract in their lives. Everyone sent them off in love with a sparkler exit and it was a wedding night we will never forget.

Such beautiful details.

Courtney looking absolutely stunning and ready for her First Look!


Seeing the smiles of a Groom seeing his Bride for the first time never gets old!

The sweetest gift. This coin in honor of Drew’s father is so special.

The most sentimental gift I’ve seen. So special.

Beyond gorgeous!

Love these two!

Still can’t get over how special it is documenting these beautiful ladies, after documenting Courtney’s sister Mallory’s wedding last year!

The groomsmen looking sharp.

I may or may not have had to put “Savage” on in my pocket to get this shot, haha.

These guys were too much!!! haha.

Last moment alone before Courtney tucked away for the ceremony to begin.


Another special detail Courtney thought of in honor of Drew’s father.

Love the way they look at one another!

The moment we all wait for!


These moments are priceless.

So many fun moments and great portraits with their close friends and family!

Gotta love a good cocktail hour!

Drew and Courtney headed to the courtyard before the reception really got started.

This castle is so unique! I’ve never seen a venue quite like it. It definitely was super cozy when the night got dark and the fire was going.

Their first dance as Mr. and Mrs. Rusinko!

Then Courtney danced with her Dad.

And I mean, by the time Drew danced with his Mom, the tears were rolling down my face as well.

Then they went right into speeches by the two best men and Courtney’s Maid and Matron of Honor.


The speeches were definitely a mix of laughter and tears, just the way they should be!

Cupcakes and Cake!  You can never have too many at a wedding.


The dance floor was open and the rest of the night was an amazing blur!

Courtney eventually put on her dancing crocks, haha.

It was a good time!

Sparkler exit!!!

Courtney and Drew,

Thank you so much for letting me be apart of your special day! Being there made me feel like part of the family and it was just so perfect. Celebrating with your family again was the sweetest and I felt so honored to be there. I can’t believe it finally came and gone, but I could not be more excited for what the future holds for you both. Thanks again for trusting me, I love and adore you two! Praying so many blessings over your marriage!!!

Much joy,

Charity Hope

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