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Beavertail Lighthouse Engagement | Jill and Danny


This past weekend, Jill and Danny decided to capture their love at the Beavertail Lighthouse, in Jamestown, RI. The rain cleared up just in time and the clouds, paired with the ocean view, were absolutely breath-taking. They met the summer after they both graduated college through a mutual friend group, where they all started spending a lot of time together. Before they knew it, Jill and Danny started officially dating in October of 2015. Jill now works in pharmacy and Danny as an account manager in sales; both are the exact opposites of one another but complement each other so well. They have a shared love of listening to music, dancing the bachata, hanging out with their large close-knit families, and anything that involves their puppy, Stella. Jill admires how caring and goofy Danny is and truly believes he is one of the nicest people she knows.

Their first date happened spontaneously while they were driving up north to New Hampshire, where they stopped to grab a bite to eat at a seafood restaurant. Now, whenever they drive past that same restaurant they giggle about their sweet first date memory. They enjoy trying out all the new restaurants and breweries together. Their favorite dates consist of delicious food and drinks, followed by sweet snuggles from their puppy Stella. Jill and Danny are a laid-back, fun-loving couple, who enjoy weekend get-a-ways in Portland, Maine.

When asked about their proposal, Jill admitted that she is not the best with surprises! She shared how she would bug Danny about proposing so when it came time for him to pop the question, she was pretty suspicious that it was coming. Danny ended up planning a weekend trip for them to go to Maine again but he kept the details very vague. They stopped for lunch, yet they both were too nervous, they barely ate a thing. Danny ended up driving them over to Nubble Lighthouse where he finally asked Jill to marry him! She of course said, “yes!” and was overwhelmed with excitement, she couldn’t wait to celebrate with her family the following day for dinner. Little did she know, Danny had arranged for all of their family to stay at a beautiful home by the water to surprise Jill right after the proposal. When Jill walked into the house and saw everyone there, she couldn’t stop crying! These two are very close with their families and it meant the world to have them there to celebrate. The rest of the weekend was filled with making special memories with their families, which were truly unforgettable. 

Jill and Danny are so looking forward to the next stage of their relationship and starting a family together. After having to postpone their wedding from last year, they are so excited to celebrate this upcoming July! I have no doubt that this will be such a fun and special wedding celebration. They are so beyond adorable together and their pictures together say it all!

How cute are they?!

I love how he looks at her!

So sweet.

I just love sweet moments in black & white. 

In love with her ring!

They changed into their second outfit and we headed down to the beautiful rocky cliffs, surrounded by the ocean. It is so gorgeous here!

The rain clouds were so stunning, I cannot get over these skies!

Jill, you’re so beautiful.

So stunning!

And of course, a few more black & whites. So timeless!

Jill and Danny,

Thank you so much for such a wonderful evening together this past Saturday. I had such a fun and relaxing time with you two! Y’all did so well, I am that much more excited now for your special day! I cannot wait to see you again in a few more months and meet your families!!!

Much joy,

Charity HOPE

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