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Blithewold Mansion Engagement: Elizabeth & Michael


It was a sweet, summer evening capturing the love of Elizabeth and Michael at Blithewold Mansion, in Bristol, Rhode Island. They happened to have met by chance online, both struck up a conversation one night, and soon realized they’d been talking for hours. This then led to texting, phone calls, and eventually meeting up and having their first date together. For their first date, they went on a long drive and enjoyed dinner together. It was so comfortable between them that they talked for hours. This beautiful, self-proclaimed, low-maintenance couple, officially started dating in January 2018. They love exploring new neighborhoods and grabbing breakfast together on the weekends. They’re the type to randomly decided to buy water guns and nerf guns, and spend an afternoon jumping through the sprinkler outside. They simply love nothing more than each other’s company and being themselves together. They also are in love with their two rescue pups! 

Michael is an Accountant, and is in school to pursue his Master’s Degree in Finance, he will be graduating this fall!! He is passionate about succeeding in his career and climbing the ladder at work. While Elizabeth graduated from law school in Boston and took the Massachusetts bar exam. She has been working with her father at his law practice as an office manager and legal assistant. She also likes to volunteer teaching theatre with a local theatre company that she is on the Board of Directors of. While she likes law, her true passion is working with children of all ages and making a difference in their lives through the theatre community. This year she decided to go back to school in pursuit of her Master’s in Education and it is what she is currently focused on! 

On August 12, 2019, Elizabeth came home after a long day of volunteering at a camp for kids in Bristol, RI. As they laid in bed talking about their day, Elizabeth casually mentioned how she did all the laundry and folded it and uttered “I thought you’d for sure want to marry me after that.” When she looked up, Michael was leaning over the bed with a ring box and said “well….”. Elizabeth could not contain herself and her joy! The rest was history. 

Elizabeth loves how supportive Michael is with her family and how he is willing to help them whenever he can. She absolutely adores him for it and knows she can tell him anything without judgment. He makes her feel so comfortable about anything and everything, he’s her best friend. Michael loves how there is no one in the world like her. He admires her brilliance and her endless patience. They cannot wait to finally start calling each other husband and wife this fall. They are also excited to begin building their family together!


I love her custom jacket!

All they do is laugh together!

They’re too cute!!

The view here is stunning.

Love them.

Such a gorgeous ring!

They’re so sweet together.

Elizabeth and Michael,

Thank you so much for such a fun time together! I adore you two and know that your wedding day is going to be so much fun and nothing short of amazing. I am so grateful that our lives have crossed and know that we’ll continue to keep in touch way beyond the wedding day. Thank you, thank you for choosing me to document your love. I’m so ready for September!

Much joy,

Charity Hope

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